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October 2016 Coach of the Month

Chicago Blackhawks to Recognize one of our own!

11/29/2016, 2:30pm CST
By Shawn Murray

We are proud and honored to announce one of our own, Coach Christian Esposito, will be recognized as the October 2016 Coach of the Month, during an on-ice ceremony at tonight's Chicago Blackhawks game. 

I've had the privilege of working with Coach Christian over the last 18 months.  Anyone who’s had the pleasure of meeting him will agree that he is wise beyond his years.  Additionally, he is known for his unparalleled work ethic, pure dedication, and his passion for not only the game, but coaching.

A wise man once counselled, “As a coach, it is your job to find 12 or 13 individual buttons to push.”  This is not only one of the most challenging feats for a coach, but it is an ongoing process.  Coach Christian is constantly searching for those buttons, and in doing so, he strives to motivate his players to be, not necessarily ‘the’ best, but their best.

To sum it it…as a father, my wife and I are happy and fortunate to have Coach Christian in Ian’s life.  As a man, I am grateful for him as my friend. 

Thank you Coach Christian!

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